Yellow Jackets Exterminator

As summer winds down, stinging insects get busy.  Action Pest Control can exterminate those pests with a single treatment.  The most common stinging insects in Ohio are bees, wasps and hornets.

Bees ExterminationBees are common in Ohio and build their nests and hives in hollow walls, hollow trees and logs, and under eaves.  They are not aggressive, but will sting when provoked.  The good news is that they sting just once.

Wasps sting more than one time.  They build nests in the same spots as bees do, and can be found under decks, in vents and behind shutters, as well.  Wasps are more aggressive than bees.  They use paper for their nests and you will often see them flying around the outside of those nests.

Hornets are the most aggressive of the three, and can sting multiple times.  Their nests are made mostly of paper, like wasps.  Hornets will often build nests in shrubs, bushes and low hanging tree limbs, so they pose a danger to the homeowner when routine lawn and tree maintenance is performed.  The homeowner may not even be aware of the nest until it’s too late.

Call Action Pest Control

Action Pest Control can help.  We will spray or dust the site and remove the hives and nests.  And, that treatment product, once dry, will continue to work to kill any stragglers.  After just a few hours, the area will be available for use by family members and pets.

This time of year you want to be able to use your outdoor space as much as possible, before the cold weather months arrive.  Don’t let stinging insects cut your outdoor activities short.  Call Action Pest Control to exterminate bees, wasps and hornets from your home and get you back outside.  Our experts will take care of the problem quickly and professionally.