In April and May, you might notice what you think are flying ants around your home.  They are a nuisance but not a worry.  But what you think are flying ants could very easily be termites, who can destroy wood in and around your home in no time.  So when you see what you think are flying ants, call Action Pest Control exterminators immediately. We will have an extermination technician on your property quickly to assess the insects and possible damage and move forward with a plan of action.

How do I tell the difference and when do I call the exterminator?

If you see lots of wings in the area where the insects are swarming, it is a telltale sign of termites. Termites have very delicate wings that break easily, leaving a trail behind.  Flying ants have strong wings that don’t break or fall off.  No wings, no termites.

If you do have the opportunity to get up close to the insects, you will notice that Flying ants have three very distinct body parts, the head, body and thorax, with a small midsection.  Termites have just two body parts, the head and body, and the body is much thicker through the middle. Termites have straight antennae and four wings of equal size. Winged, or flying, ants have four wings as well, but the front wings are much larger than the back, and have bends, or elbows, in the antennae.  You might be able to tell the difference between the two in the photo above.

If you are noticing the insects inside the home, go outside to that very spot and you will likely see evidence of the termites there.  Of course, if you have a woodpile in that spot, it is even more likely to be termites.  Move that pile away from the home immediately.

The best advice is to call Action Pest Control exterminators as soon as you notice flying ants or termites.  The faster we can get there and assess the problem insects, the faster you can get back your piece of mind.