Autumn is a beautiful time of year with falling leaves and crisp mornings.  It’s the time of year that we begin moving indoors for the winter.  The same is true for rodents and insects.  They are looking for a warm home as well.  But these pests can do a lot of damage.  So, it is important to take steps now to control pests and keep them away from your home for the winter.  You can start outdoors.

While raking leaves this season, make sure that you get all debris away from the house.  Trim any dead branches from shrubs and trees, and trim plant material away from the home, to ward off insect infestation.  Make sure the gutters are clear of leaves, limbs and dirt.  Make sure downspouts aren’t blocked.  Look for rotten banisters and decking and repair if necessary: any decaying wood is an invitation for bugs.  Inspect windows, roofing, doors, and wood trim for holes and repair, caulk or cover.  Even the smallest hole can be an entry point for bugs and mice.

As you move to indoor spaces, the same principles apply.  You want to check around windows and doorways for tiny openings and make the necessary repairs.  If you are seeing water damage in the corners of the ceiling, you may need to go back out to the roof and inspect for leaks: bugs love damp areas.  You might have dampness in the basement and the garage.  The best defense is to keep as much up off the floor as possible.

Pet food storage is easily kept under control by using plastic or metal bins.  Often the bags are kept on the floor in the garage or basement, making it accessible for rodents.  Insects can populate a bag of dog food and take it over in no time, leaving a mess and making it difficult to clean up.

All of these measures will help keep insects and rodents away for the winter.  If not, call Action Pest Control to alleviate the problem.